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    Suzette Martinez Stan'ryun': Mamma Earth needs bett'r lovyun'

    Suzette Martinez Standring: Mamma Earth needs better loving

    Earth Day wuz foundt n' 1970 an' Mamma Earth, air vivid, blue ball n' space, still needs bett'r lovyun'. Lus year recerdt 7.6 billyun folk un earth, which a'ken onlee sustane 9-10 billyun bast un availabull resources calculatid by Edward O. Wilsen, t'fath'r o'sociobiology. Global habitashun will rang befor 2050, wen t'predictid populashun will be 11.8 billyun, an' at is bast un current decreesyun' fertilitee rates. Extincshun rates air a'rizin. Since t'1500s, 182 specees' o'birds air extinct, but 19 o'um occurrt jes n' t'lus quart'r o't' 20th centry, an' fer mer since 2000. Like t'proverbial canree n' t'coalmine, t'lus trill is a warnin ta us. Wen I wuz young'r, I…

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    Bill Tinsley: Hoe is yer soul?

    Bill Tinsley: How is your soul?

    References ta t'soul seem strangelee absent n' air churches. But if'n t'churches have stopt a'talkin about t'soul, t'echnological gurus who design apps fer air ifones have nairy. A few yeers ago t'Huffington Post launcht un app callt “GPS fer t'soul.” T' app is bast un acoupla truths at say, “at we all have within us a cantert place o'harmony an' balance, an' at we all ve'r frum at place agin an' agin.” Aryinna Huffington statid, “Thar’s a snake lurkyun' n' thishere cyb'r — Garde o'Ede. Air 24/7 connecshun ta t'digital worl ofte diskunnects us frum t'real worl roun us — frum air physical surroundings, frum air luved ones, an' speshly…

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    Shayne Loop'r: T' mos damagyun' lie

    Shayne Looper: The most damaging lie

    One o't' mos perniciyus an' damagyun' lies, also one o't' mos pervasif', tole by folk ta utherns an' ta thayselves is: “It’s no use.” Variatyuns un thishere falsehood include: “It doesn’t matt'r, anyways”; “Nuthin I do makes inny differance”; “I’ve tride everthang an' nuthin wurks.” Un a macro, societal level, thishere deceit runs sumthin like thishere: “Thay air jes goin ta do whut thay air goin ta do.” Thay – my moth'r knew “'um” well an' frekwantlee referrt ta “'um” – air t'invisibull movers an' shakers o'socidey. “Thay say”; “Thay always win”; “Y'all knoe thay are’t goin ta let innythang us reesonabull us at happe.” Un a politickull/governmantal level, t'lie…

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    Suzette Martinez Stan'ryun': Reiki, prayers an' recovery

    Suzette Martinez Standring: Reiki, prayers and recovery

    I had a premonishun about my husban'’s life. Un Sundy I prayt, “Pleese keep 'im safe. Whutever thishere terrbull a'feelin is, pleese shoe 'im mercy.” Fer hours lat'r, David fell frum a ladd'r, sufferyun' facial fractures an' a dislocatid shoult'r. He wan'ert into t'kitchin, face broke, puddleeun' blood everwhar. Thishere mite be t'life-threetenyun' part. I did nairy call un ambulance. Insteed I hollert, “Git n' t'car!” At t'Ow n' Falmouth,Massachusetts, medics swarmt ta stabilize his'n nek, an' scoltt me fer movyun' 'im. Tween t'ladd'r an' me, it’s a wunder he’s alif'. At t'Falmouth hospital, exams an' tests, talk o'facial surgery ta come, a'fixin his'n dislocatid shoult'r, an' un ambulance ride…

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    Shayne Loop'r: Relijun is nairy un end n' itself

    Shayne Looper: Religion is not an end in itself

    It’s one o't' hardest thangs fer religiyus folk ta unnerstan: Relijun is nairy un end n' itself. It is nairy a hobby. It is nairy eve a passion. Relijun is nairy part o'a self-impervement program. T' reeson ta bleev n' Gawd is at he exists. If'n he duz nairy exist, the bleevin n' Gawd is nairy rite, eve if'n it helps folk sleep bett'r at nite er makes 'um easi'r ta be roun. Similarlee, religiyus behavier, us commonlee unnerstood, onlee makes sense if'n it helps folk engage life us it rilly is. Sumtimes folk git t'idee thay air Christyins becawz thay assent ta sartin doctrinal statemants about Gawd, t'deeth an'…

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