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    2 folk daid n' 2 crashes, bof 1-car, n' south Arkansus

    2 people dead in 2 crashes, both 1-car, in south Arkansas

    At leest acoupla folk dit n' separate accidants un Arkansus rodes un Winsdee an' Thirsdee n' t'suthern part o't' state. A southwest Arkansus mun wuz killt Thirsdee aft'r his'n pickup veert off t'road, hit a brick mailbox an' rollt ov'r, autheritees sed. T' Arkansus State Pleece sed 24-year-ol' Kevin Pickens wuz drivin nerth jes befor 2 a.m. along Mill'r Countee Road 70 Taxarkana wen t'crash happent. Pleece sed his'n Ford Rang'r travelt off t'road, an' t'passeng'r’s side struck a mailbox. It cawzed t'pickup ta roll un an' off t'road, accerdyun' ta a preliminree crash repert. Pickens, a Taxarkana resident, suffert fatal injuries n' t'sangle-vehicle wreck. T' repert didn’t lis inny…

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    Nawh at it’s summ'r n' Arkansus, hot pavement could be harmyun' yar dawg

    Now that it's summer in Arkansas, hot pavement could be harming your dog

    Lil ROCK, Ark. — T' weeth'r may feel nice ta us but it’s gittin too hot an' potantiallee dangeryus fer yar dogs. Ran'i Tann'r hus enjoyt t'nice weeth'r outdoers wiff hern dawg Peerl, joggyun' t'Broadway Bridge n' Lil Rock. At’s until she notict hern dawg wasn’t enjoyyun' t'ime outside us she typicallee duz. “I nev'r dreemt at I would harm my dawg er put hern n' harm’s way,” sed Tann'r. “We probly run at leest three times a week.” Peerl is jes nawh gittin back outdoers aft'r quite t'skeer. RELATED: Lil Rock Fire Dept. receives pet oxyge masks ta aid fambly pets n' trayler fars “One day we gut back…

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    Mississippi, Arkansus Riv'r Floodyun' Latest: Flash-flood Risk n' Illinois, Kansus, Missouri Risin Wiff Heevy Runs Specktid

    Mississippi, Arkansas River Flooding Latest: Flash-flood Risk in Illinois, Kansas, Missouri Rising With Heavy Rains Expected

    Flood warnings a'cantinyah fer t'Mississippi an' Arkansus Rivers, wiff snowmelt specktid ta contribute ta t'heevy runfall see ov'r t'pus month. T' Nashshunal Weeth'r Servus (NWS), advist at flood warnings would a'cantinyah fer South Carolinie, Virginny, Koloradie an' Kansus until Thirsdee monin'. Floodwat'r frum t'Mississippi Riv'r rises roun a trayler un June 1, 2019 n' Ol' Monroe, Missouri. T' middle-seckshun o't' kuntry hus bee experiencyun' majer floodyun' since mid-March speshly along t'Missouri, Arkansus, an' Mississippi Rivers. Towns along t'Mississippi Riv'r have bee experiencyun' t'longest stretch o'majer floodyun' frum t'riv'r n' neerly a centry. Gettee/Scott Olsen NWS Pueblo n' Koloradie releest a statement at t'Arkansus Riv'r at Canon Citee, which hus alreddy…

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    ‘Hey mom, I net yer hep’: Taxus Hik'r Rescut Aft'r Bein Lost fer a Week n' Arkansus Wilterness Area

    'Hey mom, I need your help': Texas Hiker Rescued After Being Lost for a Week in Arkansas Wilderness Area

    Joshua McClatchy o'Fort Wurth, Taxus, picturt here n' 2018, wuz hikyun' n' t'Caney Creek Wilterness Area n' Arkansus wen he taxtid his'n mom at he nett hep. (Facebook/Joshua McClatchy) T' Fort Wurth mun wuz hikyun' n' t'Caney Creek Wilterness Area n' western Arkansus. He taxtid, “Hey mom, I net yer hep.” Rescuers foun 'im six days lat'r, dehydratid but otherwise ok. A Taxus mun who wuz foun aft'r bein lost fer a week n' un Arkansus wilterness area sez his'n rescue wuz t'result o'“hundreds o'miracles.” Joshua McClatchy wuz foun late Frydee nite n' t'Caney Creek Wilterness Area n' western Arkansus, about 100 miles southwest o'Lil Rock. McClatchy, who lives n'…